Wednesday, December 22


i dunno what is wrong with me
but i kinda afraid to look forward
to experience everyday with a new challenges
i'm just afraid
i dont even have the guts to do everything right
to say out loud what is in my mind
my opinions, my views my credibility
all that just gone
without any traces
or it is just me?
me who cannot find the way
me who are blind to see the crystal clear path

i dont even bother if my grammar is wrong
if anyone could not understand what i trying to say
if people will laugh at me

i dont care!

past is the past
i cannot look back
i dont even cant wish everything back to normal

what is normal actually?
no.. i dont have the answers

i missed myself
a person who full with motivation
a person who really committed
a person with high attitude
a person who really cares with her friend

i lost in me
i cannot find myself

i dunno what is happening now

i am just screwed up
afraid of nothing
afraid of nothing
afraid of nothing

i feel like everything is getting run away from me
i know many loves me
but sometimes their love cannot reach my heart

i am just afraid to look forward.


z e a l o t said...

rilex.everyday is new challenging day.just keep in your faith like always. :)

ensiyahmuhammad said...

thank you.